Movie: The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon

Top 10 Billed Cast

Ethan Juan

Chen Kui-lin

Ben Yuen Foo-Wah
Ben Yuen Foo-Wah

Hsu Wei-chiang (Hongkie)

Chen Yi-Wen
Chen Yi-Wen

Lin Lu-ho (Bullhead)

Gingle Wang

Cheng Hsiao-mei

Cherry Hsieh
Cherry Hsieh

Chang Kuei-ching

Lee-Zen Lee

Chen Hui

Troy Liu
Troy Liu


Peggy Tseng
Peggy Tseng

Hsiao Hsiang-hsiang

Yu An-Shun
Yu An-Shun

Fake Lin Lu-ho

Cheng Yu-Chieh
Cheng Yu-Chieh

Doctor Chao

Video Trailer The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon

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1991 Taiwanese film.

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A criminal from south Tel-Aviv is released from prison to a new reality, his girlfriend left him for his mafia's boss, and his friends think he's an informer.

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Arabella is a young girl who is orphaned. She is left to live with her wealthy cousin, Mika. Arabella attends Mika's private school, where she feels out of place. The school is divided into rival gangs, and Mika is the leader of one of them.

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When a young Alfonse Capone joins in with the Chicago mafia, he seeks to reform the ways in which they carry out their endeavors.

Slade Collins In and Out of Time

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Slade Collins and the Tree of Life

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Slade Collins and The Tree Of Life is an adventure film that explores ancient Iroquois folklore. The story follows a relic hunter named Slade Collins who is employed by a museum caretaker to find Dr. Winters, a renowned anthropologist who has gone missing. Dr. Winters was researching The Tree Of Life in an attempt to uncover its secrets. In Iroquois myth, The Tree Of Life is believed to be directly tied to the story of Creation. Through an unfortunate event, Slade teams up with Sill Winters, Dr. Winter's daughter who is also searching for her father. Together, they set out to find the Tree Of Life and the doctor. Unfortunately for them, they are not the only ones searching for The Tree Of Life. The nefarious Reverend Wendell Cobb and his associate, the ruthless mercenary named Czar are also searching for it. Together they set out to bring about the end of the world as we know it.

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A modern love story that is old in nature. It's a tale of two lovers who have made a promise to meet again, defy fate, and change the stars to be together. Destiny though, has different plans.

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The story of the early, murderous roots of the cannibalistic killer, Hannibal Lecter – from his hard-scrabble Lithuanian childhood, where he witnesses the repulsive lengths to which hungry soldiers will go to satiate themselves, through his sojourn in France, where as a med student he hones his appetite for the kill.

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In this classic German thriller, Hans Beckert, a serial killer who preys on children, becomes the focus of a massive Berlin police manhunt. Beckert's heinous crimes are so repellant and disruptive to city life that he is even targeted by others in the seedy underworld network. With both cops and criminals in pursuit, the murderer soon realizes that people are on his trail, sending him into a tense, panicked attempt to escape justice.

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Following a series of drug deals and murders, three criminals -- Fantasia, Ray Malcolm and Pluto -- travel from Los Angeles to Houston, finally arriving in a small Arkansas town to go into hiding. Two detectives from the LAPD, who are already on the case, contact the town's sheriff, Dale Dixon, to alert him of the fugitives' presence in the area. Underestimating Dixon, the criminals have no idea what they are about to face.



A troubled loner longing for purpose finds it when a phone call gone wrong puts him on the scent of a mysterious woman’s murder.