Movie: Monster

Top 10 Billed Cast

Sakura Ando

Saori Mugino

Eita Nagayama

Michitoshi Hori

Soya Kurokawa
Soya Kurokawa

Minato Mugino

Hinata Hiiragi
Hinata Hiiragi

Yori Hoshikawa

Yûko Tanaka
Yûko Tanaka

Makiko Fushimi

Mitsuki Takahata
Mitsuki Takahata

Hirona Suzumura

Akihiro Kakuta
Akihiro Kakuta

Shoda Fumiaki

Shido Nakamura

Kiyotaka Hoshikawa

Ryu Morioka
Ryu Morioka


Daisuke Kuroda


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Official Trailer [Subtitled]

Official Trailer [Subtitled]

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Official UK Trailer [Subtitled]

Official US Trailer [Subtitled]

Official US Trailer [Subtitled]

Official UK Trailer #2

Official UK Trailer #2

Pigs Brain - Official Clip [Subtitled]

Pigs Brain - Official Clip [Subtitled]

Teaser Trailer [Subtitled]

Teaser Trailer [Subtitled]

TIFF 2023 Q&A with Hirokazu Kore-eda

TIFF 2023 Q&A with Hirokazu Kore-eda

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Waxing nostalgic about the bittersweet passage from childhood to puberty, four childhood girlfriends — Teeny, Chrissy, Samantha and Roberta — recall the magical summer of 1970. During their walk down memory lane, they reconcile experiences with boys, secrets, bullies and more.

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