Movie: The Trouble with Jessica

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Alan Tudyk
Alan Tudyk


Olivia Williams
Olivia Williams


Shirley Henderson
Shirley Henderson


Amber Rose Revah
Amber Rose Revah


Rufus Sewell
Rufus Sewell


Indira Varma
Indira Varma


Anne Reid
Anne Reid


Alice Henley
Alice Henley

Party Girl

Sylvester Groth
Sylvester Groth


David Schaal
David Schaal

PC Paul

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At an old manor house in northern Portugal, Ana helps her friend, Emília, the elderly housekeeper who is determined to continue to keep the unoccupied house in order for the owners who are never there. As the seasons turn, Mónica, Ana's daughter, challenges her mother's choices and the three generations of women search to understand where they belong in a world that is rapidly fading, where the cycle of life is renovated only through inevitable endings.

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Follows a bear cub and his papa bear as they embark on an adventure to find the Golden Land which is believed to harbor an endless source of honey, so they can prepare a birthday cake for the little one.

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Dutch coach Thomas Rongen attempts the nearly impossible task of turning the American Samoa soccer team from perennial losers into winners.



Star follows the path of Tito and Jay, two brothers living in the Montreal neighborhood of Park Extension. Accompanying these young people in their daily life marked by complicity and intimidation, Star tackles themes dear to teenagers: identity and friendship.

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On October 31, 1955 June & Frank Marsters met their grisly end when an escaped killer known as the Willow Woods Wolfman broke into their house. In the decades since the night has grown to be the stuff of local legend, but what really happened that Halloween?

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During the Vietnam War, Brian Anderson, a young Army medic, is stationed in Saigon. Initially apathetic and self-serving, he eventually has his heart won over by the children at a nearby orphanage where he does volunteer work. At first, a doctor named Katherine Cross has to persuade him to help the children. But soon, Brian willingly puts his career and safety on the line to provide the orphans with the food and medical supplies they need.

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Five kids are taught the invaluable lessons of bike safety by bike safety wizard Sam Sprocket.

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Brent Weinbach is weird. In this show, Brent attempts to adjust his quirky personality so that he can fit in with the world around him, which would be valuable to his career as a comedian and entertainer. Through an absurd and abstract discourse, Brent explores the ways in which he can appeal to a broader, mainstream audience, so that ultimately, he can become successful in show business.

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While enjoying a glorious summer’s day at the beach, Pat and Patachon meet the beautiful Mona, whom they both fall in love with. However, they’re soon given something else to think about when they’re drafted into the armed forces and sent to a cantonment. The two friends struggle to find their place among the other soldiers, and they get into all sorts of escapades. One day, fate lends a helping hand when the company take up residence on a farm in North Zealand, where the two friends discover, to their delight, that this is where Mona lives. (

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"Money No Enough" is about three friends of different backgrounds who end up facing the same problem of surviving in a cash-strapped society where lack of money can bring endless problems. The film stars Chew Wah Keong (Jack Neo), who is white collar but a spend thrift, Ong (Mark Lee), a contractor, and Hui (Henry Thia), a coffee shop waiter who has a crush on his customer...

Return to Jurassic Park

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A multi-part documentary about the making of the Jurassic Park trilogy. Each part walks through the making of part of one of the films, including the hurricane during the shooting of the first film, and how advances in CGI for Jurassic Park helped change the world of special effects forever. All interviews for these retrospective documentaries come with comments from Spielberg, Johnston, Neill, Dern, Goldblum, the effects crews, the child actors, and Peter Stormare. This documentary is broken into six parts: Dawn of a New Era (25 min), Making Prehistory (20 min), The Next Step in Evolution (15 min), Finding the Lost World (28 min), Something Survived (16 min), and The Third Adventure (25 min).

X-Men: First Class 35mm Special

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TV special about the making of "X-Men: First Class".




A child, his Father, a treasure found (bicycle) and the journey of right and wrong. Follow them through 3rd World Turkey, as everyday is another day of survival for them.

BTS 4th Muster: Happy Ever After

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BTS 4th Muster: Happy Ever After was BTS's 4th Muster fan club event. It took place from January 13, 2018 to January 14, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea.

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James Craig is torn between his criminal career as the masked bandit named the "El Paso Kid," and the life of a law-abiding citizen with his long-suffering wife Zoe. He repeatedly tells Zoe, "just one more time," but he is unable to stop which angers her greatly. However, he does have brief moments of heroics such as when he helps the Widow Weeks save her farm.

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Chicali is a young street cop who starts killing for the mafia by an unexpected situation. Mario, locked up for killing the Mexican presidential candidate in 1994 comes out of prison after 20 years of lockup and returns to Tijuana to rebuild his life. Jenny is an American homeless who decides to cross the border to Mexico in order to change her condition. Jenny falls in love with young Chicali, who is assigned to kill Mario.




A tale of the sun, moon and two characters who inhabit a world that relies on day and night perhaps more than it would seem.