Movie: Revolver

Top 8 Billed Cast

Jeon Do-yeon

Ha Su-young

Ji Chang-wook


Lim Ji-yeon

Jeong Yoon-sun

Kim Jun-han

Kim Jong-soo

Jeong Man-sik


Lee Jung-jae

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The Big Chase

The Big Chase(cn)


Tse Mei-chen is deeply concerned about her only family, sister Bo-chen who is obsessed with perfecting her detective sensibilities. One day, Bo-chen returns home in panic to relay to her sister and her boyfriend detective Ma Tin-lung the horrifying murder of Siu-ying by her husband Tsui Kai. But a subsequent visit to the couple's, the cousin of Bo-chen's best friend Wong Kam-fung, proves the alleged crime false. Incognizant to all, the victim was Siu-ying's twin sister Kwok-ying, who bore witness to Tsui's misappropriation of their wealth for drug trafficking. Refusing to abandon the probe, Bo-chen is held up by Tsui. Deeply perturbed by Ma's investigation into his secret dealings, Tsui coerces Mei-chen to distract her boyfriend long enough for his escape. Refusing to bow to the threat, Mei-chen informs Ma who leads his squad to the rescue of the sister and arrests Tsui and his accomplices.

The Story of Wong Ang the Heroine

The Story of Wong Ang the Heroine(cn)


The Diamond Gang commits a robbery. The leader Chiu Yee-kong wants to keep the booty and this arouses the suspicion of gang member Tai-wai. The police does not have a clue and thus invite Wong Ngung, Heung Ad and Wu Ngar for help. Kong is in accomplice with his third concubine. They order someone to steal the diamond and leave Wong's symbol. Wai turns his attention on Wong. Wong, Ad and Wu are not afraid of Wai and they throw him out. They sneak in Kong's apartment to investigate. Kong's second concubine is mad at Kong for neglecting her. She tells Wong the truth but gets killed. Kong's people surround Wong, Ad and Wu. Each of the three faces their enemy. Ad is tortured by Wai. Wong and Wu arrive in time and save her. One of Kong's people tells Wai the truth. Wai immediately attacks Kong. Wong, Ad, Wu and the police arrive at Kong's headquarter to arrest the gangsters. Wai is arrested but Kong has escaped. The diamonds are found. The inspector makes Wong, Ad and Wu as partners.

How Oriole the Heroine Solved the Case of the Three Dead Bodies

How Oriole the Heroine Solved the Case of the Three Dead Bodies(cn)


The three heroines, Wong Ang, Wu Nga, and Heung At expose a murder case involving three dead bodies found in an old temple. Unbeknown to the trio, they've fallen in a trap laid by gangster Hui Pui-shing, who desires to avenge his brother's death by eliminating the women. With the cooperation of Hui's righteous subordinate, the police arrest Hui for smuggling tobacco and seizes their forged banknotes.

Wong An Vs. the Flying Tigers

Wong An Vs. the Flying Tigers(cn)


The Flying Dragon gang goes on a rampage and the police Inspector is at his wits' end. He then commissions Wong Ngung, Wu Ngar and Heung Nga to help him catch the gang members. Suet-ying, a young woman, is addicted to gambling and owes a huge sum to the gambling den that belongs to the Flying Dragon gang. She has even signed IOUs. When the younger sister of Ying's husband sees that Ying is weighed down by worries, she asks Wu Ngar for help. Wu Ngar sneaks into the gambling den, but her behaviour is suspected by the gang leaders, Tai-kit and Tai-hong. Fortunately, Wong Ngung saves her. To get back the IOUs, Ying falls under the control of Hong and Kit. Master Lung has evil designs on Ying. He first kills Kit and seizes Ying. Hong then shoots and kills Lung. Wong Ngung and her two partners get back the IOUs for Ying. They notify the police Inspector to arrest the members of the Flying Dragon gang. Hong is shot and injured by Wong Ngung. He is arrested with the other gang members.

Mr. Brooks

Mr. Brooks(en)


A psychological thriller about a man who is sometimes controlled by his murder-and-mayhem-loving alter ego.




It's double trouble when fate and an ill-executed diamond robbery throw Mel and Franny together in a race and chase against time.

Antim Sanskar: The Last Ritual

Antim Sanskar: The Last Ritual(ne)


A gifted but troubled detective investigates the disappearance of a celebrated filmmaker.

True Crime

True Crime(en)


Mary Giordano is a bright, intelligent student who goes to a catholic school. She also has an addiction to mystery novels and detective magazines, which inspire her to do her own detective work. When she starts snooping around on the case of a murderer of teenage girls, it gets her in hot water with her mentor Detective Jerry Gunn. But it also starts a team up with police cadet Tony Campbell. The two work together to find the murderer. But the closer Mary gets to solving the murder, the more danger she puts herself in of being the next victim.

Higanbana - Women's Crime File (Higanbana: Onnatachi no Hanzai Fairu)

Higanbana - Women's Crime File (Higanbana: Onnatachi no Hanzai Fairu)(ja)


Nagisa, the heroine, has the ability to “synch” with all the powerful emotions that linger in crime scenes. When this happens though, she blacks out. Even in her day-to-day life, she can hear people's evil intentions and true colors and senses their lies and deception. That is why she always wears headphones in order to shut out people's emotions. She works well with her colleagues at the "Red Spider Lily" (Higanbana) unit, who are all brutally honest acid-tongued women with no qualms about speaking their minds. "Red Spider Lily" is an eclectic unit that includes a science geek, a single mom, and a woman who grew up abroad. Seen by many as a department that's been taken off the main career track, "Red Spider Lily" turns out to be full of fabulous detectives!

Jane Doe: The Wrong Face

Jane Doe: The Wrong Face(en)


When it comes to crime solving, nobody does it better than Jane Doe.




A Mumbai police officer's search for a missing teenage girl leads her to the depraved world of child trafficking. What follows is a cat-and-mouse game between the officer and a ruthless mafia kingpin.

Revenge In Kind

Revenge In Kind(en)


Stumped by brutal sex-mutilation crimes, Detective Chris Coxon turns to police psychologist Sarah Scott for help. As their relationship evolves, he must deal with Scott's complicated personal history, a wrenching experience that forces him to challenge his most basic assumptions about morality and justice. At last the crimes are solved, but Coxon is forever changed by both the process and the unexpected answer.

True Intentions

True Intentions(en)


A detective's search for a local serial killer takes an unexpected turn when she unwittingly goes on a blind date with the killer himself.

The Fun Park

The Fun Park(en)


Late one night in 1980, evidence exists that "Bobo - The Insult Clown" was bludgeoned to death while locking up for the night at the "Family Fun Park." For the next twenty-six years, the tale of Bobo's ghost swells into an urban legend, as his remains were never found. Now it's 2006 and six teens on a mission to refute "the Fun Park" myth, make a deadly discovery...the man known as "Bobo" actually lives in bowels of the abandoned park. The kids are abducted and killed one-by-one after being subjected to a bizarre and grisly ritual. MEGAN and her boyfriend JUSTIN manage to escape...but only MEGAN survives. After waking up in a mental hospital, Megan tells Psychologist MARISSA JADE her horrific story. The cops search for the five missing kids at the abandoned fun park, but find no bodies or evidence that Megan's story is true. When the psychologist stumbles upon a tiny clue...

Stonestreet: Who Killed the Centerfold Model?

Stonestreet: Who Killed the Centerfold Model?(en)


A female private detective goes undercover as a porno actress to find a millionaire's missing daughter.

Blood Dried Hands

Blood Dried Hands(en)


A reluctant serial killer grapples with his base desires and longs for his own death, as a small town Detective closes in on his trail to stop the killing spree while dealing with her own debilitating trauma.

Mary Ryan, Detective

Mary Ryan, Detective(en)


A female police detective (Marsha Hunt) enters jail to gain the confidence of a shoplifter and learn the identity of the leader of a stolen goods racket.




At a certain park, there is a mysterious man, who has red eyes and a black suit, that people can go to and request him to kill someone. His assassinations can never be blamed on him because he takes no illegal action. His strength is in the power of suggestion and the arrangement of events. He accepts these requests, all the while privately mocking the foolishness of those whose unwise wishes he grants.

An Unusual Crime at Night

An Unusual Crime at Night(cn)


Rejected by Law (Sheung-kwun Kwan-wai), ruffian Koo (Wong Yee) exacts his vengeance by making Law lose her job. When her father is injured at work, her brother Fai and boyfriend Tse resort to obtaining a loan. Koo even kills their creditor and frames the murder on Tse. Law and her brother sow discord between Koo and his mistress, eventually exposing their crime and leading to Tse's acquittal. While retaining her feminie elegance and charm in subtle details, Law resourcefully eliminates all the threats and dangers. Unlike other conventional detective dramas of Cantonese films, this film is filled with a sense of community and grassroot sensibility. Sheung-kwun Kwan-wai impressively demonstrates a great flexibility and versatility in her characterisation and performance of this female detective role.