Movie: Abigail

Top 9 Billed Cast

Melissa Barrera
Melissa Barrera


Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens


Alisha Weir
Alisha Weir


William Catlett
William Catlett


Kathryn Newton
Kathryn Newton


Kevin Durand
Kevin Durand


Angus Cloud
Angus Cloud


Giancarlo Esposito
Giancarlo Esposito


Matthew Goode
Matthew Goode


Video Trailer Abigail

Video: Official Trailer

Official Trailer

Official Trailer

Official Trailer 2

Official Trailer 2

Official UK Trailer

Official UK Trailer

"Abigail In Action" Featurette

"Abigail In Action" Featurette

"Kathryn On Sammy" Featurette

"Kathryn On Sammy" Featurette

In Theaters Friday

In Theaters Friday

It's A Blood Bath

It's A Blood Bath

Melissa on Joey

Melissa on Joey

My Universal Story: Julio Quijada

My Universal Story: Julio Quijada

Take a BTS Tour of the Abigail set with Kathryn Newton

Take a BTS Tour of the Abigail set with Kathryn Newton

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