Top 10 Billed Cast

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift


Mike Meadows
Mike Meadows

Self - Co-Band Leader, Guitar, Keyboards

Max Bernstein
Max Bernstein

Self - Co-Band Leader, Guitar, Keyboards

Paul Sidoti
Paul Sidoti

Self - Guitar

Amos Heller
Amos Heller

Self - Bass, Keyboard Bass

Matt Billingslea
Matt Billingslea

Self - Drums

Karina DePiano
Karina DePiano

Self - Keyboards

Melanie Nyema
Melanie Nyema

Self - Background Vocalist Section Leader

Kamilah Marshall
Kamilah Marshall

Self - Background Vocalist Dance Captain

Jeslyn Gorman
Jeslyn Gorman

Self - Background Vocalist


Video: (Taylor's Version) Official Trailer

(Taylor's Version) Official Trailer

(Taylor's Version) Official Trailer

Official Trailer

Official Trailer

4 Days - (Taylor's Version)

4 Days - (Taylor's Version)

Are you ready for it?

Are you ready for it?

Extended Version Watch at Home Promo

Extended Version Watch at Home Promo

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Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour

Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour(en)


Taylor Swift takes the stage in Dallas for the Reputation Stadium Tour and celebrates a monumental night of music, memories and visual magic.

Miss Americana

Miss Americana(en)


A raw and emotionally revealing look at one of the most iconic artists of our time during a transformational period in her life as she learns to embrace her role not only as a songwriter and performer, but as a woman harnessing the full power of her voice.

Once Upon a Studio

Once Upon a Studio(en)


Created for Disney's 100th anniversary, the short features Mickey Mouse corralling a gallery of legendary Disney characters for a group photo.




Felix and Martha, the two offspring of legendary serial murderer The Skinner of Mons, grapple with the grotesque legacy bequeathed to them. While Martha works a menial janitorial job, Felix continues his father's reign of terror. But following a brutal attack at work, Martha quickly descends into madness, finding she must come to terms with the infamous blood that flows through her veins.

They Shot the Piano Player

They Shot the Piano Player(en)


New York, 2010. Jeff Harris, a music journalist, sets out to uncover the truth about Francisco Tenório Júnior, a young Brazilian samba-jazz pianist who disappeared in Buenos Aires on March 18, 1976.

The Bothersome Man

The Bothersome Man(no)


Forty-year-old Andreas arrives in a strange city with no memory of how he got there. He is presented with a job, an apartment - even a wife. But before long, Andreas notices that something is wrong. Andreas makes an attempt to escape the city, but he discovers there's no way out. Andreas meets Hugo, who has found a crack in a wall in his cellar. Beautiful music streams out from the crack. Maybe it leads to "the other side"? A new plan for escape is hatched.

Bratz: Rock Angelz

Bratz: Rock Angelz(en)


After starting up their own teen magazine, Bratz girls Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha fly to London to cover a rock concert.

Erreway: 4 caminos

Erreway: 4 caminos(es)


Erreway is trying to get famous in Argentina, but a few suprises on the road makes it a little hard...

Cherry Falls

Cherry Falls(en)


When students in the town of Cherry Falls hear that a serial killer is targeting virgins, they realize that the only way to protect themselves is to begin planning a "Pop Your Cherry" party.

Louis Tomlinson: All of Those Voices

Louis Tomlinson: All of Those Voices(en)


Ditching the typical glossy sheen of celebrity documentaries, this film gives audiences an intimate and unvarnished view of Louis Tomlinson's life and career. Through never-before-seen home movie footage and behind the scenes access to Louis’ sell-out 2022 World Tour, the documentary offers a unique perspective on what it's like to be a musician in today's fast-paced world.

Under the Light

Under the Light(zh)


Su Jianming, the son of Deputy Mayor Zheng Gang of Jinjiang City, defies his father's counsel and attends a cunning dinner invitation from the wealthiest man in Jinjiang City, Li Zhitian (played by Yu Hewei). To his astonishment, he becomes an unwilling witness to a shocking incident where someone is coerced into thrusting their hand into a simmering hotpot. As past mysteries resurface, hidden factions from various quarters plot and scheme, employing intricate strategies, scrutiny, and suspicion. Amidst the web of conflicting desires, the pressing question remains: who will ultimately unveil the final mask?




In a small village, Hanumanthu, a petty thief, finds a mysterious gem, that gives him god-like powers. Will he succeed in keeping these powers from falling into the wrong hands and save his village?

Miami Bici 2

Miami Bici 2(ro)


Piciu and Bila seize an unexpected opportunity from a Romanian client and move to Los Angeles. But they soon realize that they have unwittingly fallen into the world of the credit card rip-off mafia.

Mozart, l'Opéra Rock

Mozart, l'Opéra Rock(fr)


The show is a dramatization of the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart beginning from the age of 17 and culminating with his death in 1791 at the age of 35.

Beach Picnic

Beach Picnic(en)


Donald Duck is at the beach and tries to ride a rubber horse. He notices Pluto sleeping at the shore and decides to have some fun with him by sending the rubber horse over to Pluto which completely mesmerizes him. Meanwhile, a tribe of ants abduct Donald's picnic lunch. Donald lays out fly paper to stop the ants. Pluto follows one of the ants and, of course, he and later Donald become enmeshed in the fly paper

Girls State

Girls State(en)


What would American democracy look like in the hands of teenage girls? In this documentary, young female leaders from wildly different backgrounds in Missouri navigate an immersive experiment to build a government from the ground up.

Elsa & Fred

Elsa & Fred(es)


When the retired seventy-seven years old hypochondriac widower Fred moves to an apartment in Madrid, his temperamental daughter Cuca has an incident with his next door neighbor, the elder Argentinean Elsa. Later, they meet each other and Elsa seduces Fred with her reckless behavior and view of life and they have a romance.

Coldplay: Music of the Spheres - Live Broadcast from Buenos Aires

Coldplay: Music of the Spheres - Live Broadcast from Buenos Aires(en)


Experience the stunning spectacle of Coldplay’s record-breaking Music Of The Spheres world tour at your local cinema with this spectacular worldwide live broadcast of the band’s sold out concert at Buenos Aires’ River Plate stadium directly from Argentina in a stadium bursting with lights, lasers, fireworks and LED wristbands - all of which combine to make Coldplay’s concerts such a joyful and life-affirming experience.

We Were One Man

We Were One Man(fr)


During the final days of World War II, a simple French peasant rescues a wounded German soldier and nurses him back to health. As their playful camaraderie grows, two young men who should be enemies begin to bond in ways neither thought possible.

Kesha: Rainbow - The Film

Kesha: Rainbow - The Film(en)


In this moving short film, pop superstar Kesha shares the vision behind her 2017 album, Rainbow. An intimate portrait of her songwriting process and personal struggles—depression, insomnia, and an eating disorder—the piece follows her journey from hospitals and rehab to a triumphant performance of “Praying” at the 2018 GRAMMY® awards. “It’s called Rainbow because after the storm, there’s a rainbow,” she says in the film. “I wrote it as a message to myself that I could make it through.” The film includes music video clips, live performances, and footage of the singer writing and recording with Ben Folds, the Dap-Kings, and Sandra Williams.

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Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter(en)


A detailed chronicle of the famous 1969 tour of the United States by the British rock band The Rolling Stones, which culminated with the disastrous and tragic concert held on December 6 at the Altamont Speedway Free Festival, an event of historical significance, as it marked the end of an era: the generation of peace and love suddenly became the generation of disillusionment.

Don't Look Back

Don't Look Back(en)


In this wildly entertaining vision of one of the twentieth century’s greatest artists, Bob Dylan is surrounded by teen fans, gets into heated philosophical jousts with journalists, and kicks back with fellow musicians Joan Baez, Donovan, and Alan Price.

School of Rock

School of Rock(en)


Fired from his band and hard up for cash, guitarist and vocalist Dewey Finn finagles his way into a job as a fifth-grade substitute teacher at a private school, where he secretly begins teaching his students the finer points of rock 'n' roll. The school's hard-nosed principal is rightly suspicious of Finn's activities. But Finn's roommate remains in the dark about what he's doing.

The Boys & Girl from County Clare

The Boys & Girl from County Clare(en)


In Ireland in the mid 1960s, two feuding brothers and their respective Ceilidh bands compete at a music festival.

Bonnie on Tour

Bonnie on Tour(en)


Recorded in 2005, Bonnie on Tour features highlights from Tyler's live performances at La Cigale in Paris, the Sopot International Song Festival in Poland, and an open air concert at the Fiestas del Pilar in Spain. Bonus content includes the "Louise" music video and behind the scenes footage.

The Liar and His Lover

The Liar and His Lover(ja)


Set within music field, this film depicts a love story between a 25-year-old sound engineer and 16-year-old high school student Riko, who posessess a gifted voice. 25-year-old sound engineer Aki is a member of popular band "Crude Play," but right after the band decides to make their major record debut Aki quits the band. But, Aki provides his music to Crude Play under the name of producer Soichiro. Aki begins to date Riko, whose father runs a fruit and vegetable shop. Riko doesn't know about Aki's background, but she likes to listen to him hum. Riko is in a band herself, with childhood friend Yuichi and Sota. One day she is scouted by producer Soichiro.

Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back

Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back(en)

Filmed at the Arena di Verona in Verona, Italy on September 26th, 2010, Scratch My Back is the first of a pair of concert films directed by Gabriel's daughter Ana and Andrew Gaston. This film is taken from footage from the first set of that show, where Gabriel does a section of cover songs (including David Bowie's "Heroes" and The Magnetic Fields "The Book Of Love" while backed up by a symphony orchestra conducted by Ben Foster (BBC's Doctor Who, Torchwood) It is a companion piece to Gabriel's concert film 'Taking The Pulse'. Setlist : Heroes • The Boy In The Bubble • Mirrorball • Flume • Listening Wind • The Power Of The Heart • My Body Is A Cage • The Book Of Love • I Think It's Going To Rain Today • Apres Moi • Philadelphia • Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Meat Loaf Live At Wembley 1982

Meat Loaf Live At Wembley 1982(en)


Live is a live video of Meat Loaf, recorded at the Wembley Arena in London, on April 29, 1982. According to a misprint on some versions, the songs "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" and "Read 'Em and Weep" were also performed, but neither song was ever released. Track listing[edit] 1."Bat Out of Hell" - 10:37 2."You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth" - 5:59 3."Dead Ringer for Love" - 6:06 4."All Revved Up with No Place to Go" - 9:27 5."I'm Gonna Love Her for Both of Us" - 7:59 6."The Promised Land" - 6:21 7."Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" - 5:09 8."All Revved Up" (reprise) - 0:47 All tracks written by Jim Steinman, except "The Promised Land" by Chuck Berry




Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a remarkably talented young Viennese composer who unwittingly finds a fierce rival in the disciplined and determined Antonio Salieri. Resenting Mozart for both his hedonistic lifestyle and his undeniable talent, the highly religious Salieri is gradually consumed by his jealousy and becomes obsessed with Mozart's downfall, leading to a devious scheme that has dire consequences for both men.

Dave Chappelle's Block Party

Dave Chappelle's Block Party(en)


The American comedian/actor delivers a story about the alternative Hip Hop scene. A small town Ohio mans moves to Brooklyn, New York, to throw an unprecedented block party.




After a fictitious marriage with a Russian emigrant, Cellisten Louka, a Czech man, must suddenly take responsibility for her son. However, it’s not long before the communication barrier is broken between the two new family members.

Folk Hero & Funny Guy

Folk Hero & Funny Guy(en)


Two artistically inclined childhood friends, a comedian and a folk-rocker respectively, set out on a tour together in hopes of regaining their "mojo" and finding love in the process.

Ellie Goulding Live at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend 2010

Ellie Goulding Live at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend 2010(en)


Hereford’s own Ellie Goulding topped the BBC Sound of 2010 list. In the same year she won the Critics Choice BRIT Award. Her presence on Radio 1 started with Under the Sheets, soon singles like Starry Eyed were getting airplay and even the dubstep remix treatment from artists like Jakwob. In the Summer of 2010 she took to the stage at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend to perform an eclectic selection of songs from her debut album "Lights".

Musik & Fis

Musik & Fis(da)


Sold Out

Sold Out(en)


A female talent scout takes a down-on-his-luck construction worker under her wing and helps him rise to his potential as a singer/songwriter.

Jonas Kaufmann: Arena di Verona 2023

Jonas Kaufmann: Arena di Verona 2023(de)


For the centenary of the Verona Opera Festival, Jonas Kaufmann gave a gala concert in the Arena on 20 August 2023. With colleagues Sonya Yoncheva and Ludovic Tézier, and accompanied by the Orchestra della Fondazione Arena di Verona conducted by Jochen Rieder, he performed arias and duets from Tosca, Otello and Andrea Chenier, and evergreens by Franz Lehár and Leonard Bernstein as well as famous film songs such as 'Nella fantasia' (The Mission) and 'Nelle tue mani' (Gladiator).

Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero

Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero(en)


A remarkably intimate portrait of an artist on tour navigating identity, family, expectations, and acceptance, all while reflecting on his place within the legacy of Black, queer performers.

Matt Maeson: Never Had To Leave

Matt Maeson: Never Had To Leave(en)


Matt Maeson shows the mental struggles he faced while creating his sophomore record Never Had To Leave. Blending film with music, Maeson comes to terms with his problems while acknowledging that he still has a long way to go.

Changing Faces – The Best of Louise

Changing Faces – The Best of Louise(en)


A greatest hits DVD of her singles whilst signed to EMI Records as a solo artist. Featuring the videos for Light of My Life, In Walked Love, Naked, Undivided Love, One Kiss from Heaven, Arms Around the World, Let's Go Round Again, All That Matters, 2 Faced, Beautiful Inside and Stuck in the Middle with You.

Metallica at Lollapalooza 2022

Metallica at Lollapalooza 2022(en)


Select songs from Metallica at the 2022 Lollapalooza Music Festival, exclusively on Hulu.