Movie: Drawing Closer

Top 10 Billed Cast

Ren Nagase

Akito Hayasaka

Natsuki Deguchi

Haruna Sakurai

Mayuu Yokota
Mayuu Yokota

Ayaka Miura

Fumino Kimura


Nene Otsuka
Nene Otsuka

Jimi Hayasaka

Toru Nakamura

Kazuki Hayasaka

Yasuko Matsuyuki
Yasuko Matsuyuki

Hazuki Sakurai

Kyoka Shibata
Kyoka Shibata

Eri Fujimoto

Rui Tsukishima
Rui Tsukishima

Natsumi Hayasaka

Ikuho Akiya
Ikuho Akiya

Shota Murai

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