Movie: Тополиный пух

Top 10 Billed Cast

Anton Lapenko
Антон Лапенко

Aglaya Tarasova
Аглая Тарасова

Vitaliy Khaev
Виталий Хаев

Anton Vasilyev
Антон Васильев

Anton Filipenko
Антон Филипенко

Ilya Borisov
Илья Борисов

Gosha Kutsenko
Гоша Куценко

Polina Shashuro
Полина Шашуро

Oleg Topolyansky
Олег Тополянский

Ilya Varankin
Илья Варанкин

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    Verkhnekamsk. Lonely loser Sasha works as a security guard at an exchange office. His life "didn't happen," his dreams didn't come true, his family didn't work out. Sasha feels unnecessary and unhappy, and not being able to change anything, he gives up morally. But even here Sasha does not have the courage to complete the matter himself, he turns to an old friend - the husband of his ex-wife - for help.

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