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Kayne Khoury
Kayne Khoury

Edward Knight

Daniela Benavides
Daniela Benavides

Lila Knight

Brittany Gibson
Brittany Gibson

Chelsea O'Neill

Coby Hughes
Coby Hughes

Lloyd Martins

Abid Khan
Abid Khan

Dominic Monet

Cody Shook
Cody Shook


Madison Lehew
Madison Lehew


Jacob Arango
Jacob Arango


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Mort Rainey, a writer just emerging from a painful divorce with his ex-wife, is stalked at his remote lake house by a psychotic stranger and would-be scribe who claims Rainey swiped his best story idea. But as Rainey endeavors to prove his innocence, he begins to question his own sanity.

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A unsuspecting group of strangers visits a man on his birthday unknowing of the evil that thrives beneath the surface.




It sounds like a budding writer's dream: a bestselling first novel, a luxurious house in Malibu, and a trophy wife... But it all unravels when writer's block and a failed marriage send Richard McMurray out into the streets.




Just prior to his release from prison, Ted Evans receives a threat from the man whose family he killed in a DUI - 'if you make contact with your family, I'll kill them'. Believing that the danger is real, Ted exiles himself to a reclusive life to protect his family. However, Ted's wife Sara knows the threat is merely a manifestation of her husband's profound guilt. Determined to rebuild their family, Sara tracks Ted down to confront him with hard evidence that the threat is imagined. But she has no idea just how unhinged he has become - or how real the threat may be.




In the upscale Toronto strip club Exotica, dancer Christina is visited nightly by the obsessive Francis, a depressed tax auditor. Her ex-boyfriend, the club's MC, Eric, still jealously pines for her even as he introduces her onstage, but Eric is having his own relationship problems with the club's female owner. Thomas, a mysterious pet-shop owner, is about to become unexpectedly involved in their lives.

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In the main square of the town of Avila, everybody is celebrating the feast of Saint Eurosia, protector of earth's harvest. But something is happening in the village bar...

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Terror strikes when a team of paranormal investigators search a sacred cave for clues in the unsolved disappearance of four local teens.

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Radiation has left most of the world uninhabitable. Dwindling resources have caused what's left of the population to become more ruthless and barbaric. Mysterious radio transmissions offer a ray of hope, inviting people to join their community, promising them a better life. Two sisters, desperate to leave the scars of their past behind, search for this town and a new beginning. However, what they find there will forever change them and everything they thought they knew.

Amateur Porn Star Killer 2

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The second film in writer-director Shane Ryan's series finds himself back playing the serial killer Brandon who lures a young woman (Kai Lanette) into a hotel room where they're supposed to make a porn movie but his plans include killing her.

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In 1870s India, Charulata is an isolated, artistically inclined woman who sees little of her busy journalist husband, Bhupati. Realizing that his wife is alienated and unhappy, he convinces his cousin, Amal, to spend time with Charulata and nourish her creative impulses. Amal is a fledgling poet himself, and he and Charulata bond over their shared love of art. But over time a sexual attraction develops, with heartbreaking results. Preserved by the Academy Film Archive in partnership with The Film Foundation and Merchant and Ivory Foundation in 1996.

By Deception

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A promising novelist finds himself trapped in a terrifying reality as he reckons with the notion that a murderer is in his midst.

Year of the Gun

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American novelist David Raybourne accidentally becomes entangled in the Red Brigade's terrorist plan to kidnap Italian Premier Aldo Moro during a research trip to Rome. As the terrorists attempt to kill David, he and his photojournalist friend must struggle to stay alive.

Hunting Time

Hunting Time(tr)


During the year of the repressive military regime, a Turkish writer gets disillusioned by the loss of a dear friend and retires to his hometown on a remote island where he feels safe from the political turmoil. There he escapes to the world of memories, having imaginary conversations with his dead friend. However, the news of a new murder alerts him to the dangers lying ahead. Shot in Turkey following the years of military regime, Av Zamani carries autobiographical elements as the director Erden Kiral also had to flee the repressive regime of his country to be an exile in Germany. The weakness of the film is that the director is not able to take enough distance from the events to give the story a more universal appeal. Av Zamani was screened at the Montreal World Film Festival 1988.

The Paper

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A man writing a script slowly realises that what he is writing is happening real-time

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Following a visit from a mysterious femme fatale, detective Francis Alban finds herself embroiled in a missing persons case in which all is not what it seems. The trail leads her to a 1960s serial killer who was never caught and a violent gangster. As Detective Alban delves deeper into the criminal underbelly of Swinging Sixties London, will she uncover more about herself than she is willing to face? Past crimes, revenge and obsessive love collide in this haunting and surreal Horror-Noir.

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After being compared to a dancing monkey by one of the factory owners, Wayne, a factory worker sets out to find an answer to a question that will decide his fate and those around him.

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Callum, a recently escapee from a mental institute moves in with Noah, a struggling drug addict as they try to help each other recover from their current situations...




A rock singer, escaping from her abusive boyfriend, forms an unlikely friendship with a struggling photographer with scars of his own.