Movie: Побег

Top 7 Billed Cast

Maria Matsel
Мария Мацель

Egor Druzhinin
Егор Дружинин

Kirill Snegiryov
Кирилл Снегирёв

Timofey Ukhov
Timofey Ukhov

Alexandra Rozovskaya
Alexandra Rozovskaya

Valeriya Dmitrieva
Валерия Дмитриева

Viktor Kuzin
Виктор Кузин

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    Alice is trying to save her child from the research institute of the Commission for the Development of Alien Contacts (C.R.I.K.). Leave the territory of K.R.I.K. she is helped by Mikhalych, the driver of the supply van. During the inspection at the checkpoint, Mikhalych leaves one of the guards and dies, and Alisa manages to escape into the forest with the alien baby in her arms.

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