Movie: The Man Who Cried

Top 10 Billed Cast

Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci


Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp


Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett


John Turturro
John Turturro

Dante Dominio

Harry Dean Stanton
Harry Dean Stanton

Felix Perlman

Oleg Yankovskiy
Олег Янковский


Don Fellows
Don Fellows


Claudia Lander-Duke
Claudia Lander-Duke

Young Suzie

Danny Scheinmann
Danny Scheinmann

Man in Suit

Anna Tzelniker
Anna Tzelniker

Mother of Man in Suit

Video Trailer The Man Who Cried

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Adults who grew up as slum kids meet later in life, but murder disrupts their reunion.

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The story of Helena, a recently graduated attorney who works as a public defender of children and adolescents in the courts of the city of Santos, Brazil, and her brother, the teenager Caio, who will commit a serious crime. De Menor participated in Films in Progress at last year's San Sebastian Festival.




A philosophy-obsessed serial rapist stalks a university campus in broad daylight.

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About a woman who changes personality to please the man she's with, and about the man who brings her sexuality to full bloom.

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Qiuming is a trainee at a digital mapping company. His job is to survey the streets of the ever-changing city and keep the mapping system up to date. Typical of his generation, Qiuming is upbeat, energetic, and totally immersed in the world of Internet and video games. To make ends meet, he installs video cameras at public venues, but hides his side job from his strict father who is a senior editor of a government-run magazine. One day while out surveying, Qiuming has a brief encounter with an attractive woman who disappears into a secluded alley. He soon learns that the data he collected of this alley cannot register in his company's mapping system. He goes back to the area for a second survey...




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Three novels - three dramatic stories in the walls of the women's prison. The first story - a brand new, first went to prison inmates. The second - about a mother whose son has ceased to go to prison for visits. The third - about the experiences of women on the eve of its release.