Movie: Miss Lady Professor

Top 10 Billed Cast

Akari Hoshino
Akari Hoshino

Reiko Mizukami

Ryō Miyasato
Ryō Miyasato

Shun Kando
Shun Kando

Hiroshi Fujita
Hiroshi Fujita

Wataru Tsunashima
Wataru Tsunashima

Toshio Ariki
Toshio Ariki

Hiroyuki Kaneko
Hiroyuki Kaneko

Bungo Sato
Bungo Sato

Rikie Ono
Rikie Ono

Kenji Yoshikawa
Kenji Yoshikawa

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    Reiko Mizukami (Akari Hoshino) has finally become the teacher she always dreamed to be. She finds herself always sleepy for unknown reasons, day or night. When she falls asleep in her class, this starts a series of dreams full of erotica to the point where she's unable to discern her dreams and the reality. She has been trapped in an obscene world...

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