Movie: Mom's Friend

Top 9 Billed Cast

Heo Ye-chang
Heo Ye-chang

Seong-soo (성수)


Ja-yeong (자영)

Yeong Ah
Yeong Ah

Soo-min (수민)

Kim Woon
Kim Woon

Yeong-cheol (영철)

Ahn Min-sang
Ahn Min-sang

Tae-woong (태웅)

Jo Yong-bok
Jo Yong-bok

Jeong-joon (정준)

Kim Mi-na
Kim Mi-na

Hee-seon (희선)

Jeon Hyeon-soo
Jeon Hyeon-soo

[Returning Student 1]

Kim Moon-jong
Kim Moon-jong

[Taxi Driver]

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    Seong Soo, a twenty years old boy, decided to move to Seoul after being accepted into Seoul University. However, he was a victim of real estate scam. He then moves into his mother's friend's house. Moreover, it turns out that his mother's friend is a sexy self-employed mother and Seong Soo is attracted to her.

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    3.1 starts
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    “Did Mom ever have friends like this?!”

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Seo-yeon is running a boarding house. She has a habit of changing men every quarter. Yeong-cheol, who was recently brought to the house is cute, but he tends to be clingy in relationships which makes her feel a little uncomfortable. When Yeong-cheol is away from home, he calls Min-soo to his house. Min-soo provokes Yeong-cheol when he knows how Seo-yeon feels. But Seo-yeon's mind is different... Who will win Seo-yeon's heart?