Movie: Oligosaccharide The Movie

Top 10 Billed Cast

Kim Nam-woo
Kim Nam-woo

Dong Geun-hyeok

Lee Chae-dam
Lee Chae-dam

Mi-jeong (Ep. 1: Change)

Ji Eun-seo
Ji Eun-seo

Mi-jeong (Ep. 9: Mask)

Kim Hwa-yeon
Kim Hwa-yeon

Mi-jeong (Ep. 3: Indicator)


Mi-jeong (Ep. 4: Black Coffee)

Seo Hwa-yi
Seo Hwa-yi

Mi-jeong (Ep. 2: Golden Daughter)

Ko Won
Ko Won

Mi-jeong (Ep. 8: Perfect Husband)

Han Se-Ah
Han Se-Ah

Mi-jeong (Ep. 5: Stalker)

Jung Jong-woo
Jung Jong-woo




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올리고당 더 무비 (2017) 메인 예고편

올리고당 더 무비 (2017) 메인 예고편 - Trailer

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A is a 1998 Japanese documentary film about the Aum Shinrikyo cult following the arrest of its leaders for instigating the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995. The film focuses on a young spokesman for the cult Hiroshi Araki, a troubled 28-year-old who had severed all family ties and rejected all forms of materialism before joining the sect. Director Tatsuya Mori was allowed exclusive access to Aum's offices for over a year as news media were continually kept out. However, despite the documentary's unique perspective on Aum's internal workings, it was not financially successful. Mori released the sequel A2 in 2001, which followed the dissolution of the cult in the absence of their leader, Shoko Asahara.

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A storm brews.

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A woman is taking an old elevator up to her new apartment that she has just moved into. The oddly old and ringing phone inside the cabin is freaking her out. Over the line she is told about nightmares that are about to become true.

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Taeko, a married woman who wants to get out of the housing complex as soon as possible, meets Aono, the leader of a motorcycle gang, and sees his youthful body and feels something lewd burn inside her. Aono took his then girlfriend Taeko to a snack bar where her friends Ken and Rumi hang out. That night was a game day, and Rumi was surrounded by a crowd of men... Depicts a woman who will give up everything for her long-awaited home.

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Inter-office affairs take an interesting turn at the office Christmas party with 3 women and only 2 men available.

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A young priest is on a personal pilgrimage for enlightenment through the snow covered trails of Mt. Koya in Wakayama prefecture, Japan. He is headed towards one of the many sacred gates/temples that are there. Misdirected by a local postman, the priest is sent straying off of the main road and onto the back roads which lead to a small secluded cottage. There he meets a beautiful but bewitching woman whose raw sexuality seems utterly impossible to resist. The woman subjects the priest to numerous carnal temptations in the hopes of breaking his sacred vows of celibacy. Over the next days, the priest's will is put to the test until eventually it breaks. His faith shattered, the priest goes mad when he discovers that the temptress that seduced him was the tortured spirit of a young woman who died horrifically with her lover in the Hiroshima atomic bomb attack.

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The talking staircase in a French apartment building reveals the intimate lives of five of the building's tenants: two bikini-clad young women go swimming together; a muscleman who is pretending to be a painter uses a nude model; Marcy, a 15-year-old, skips school to attend a party with the milkman; and a woman whose husband is out of town showers and applies skin lotion before going to bed.

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In this steamy morality play, a Hollywood screenwriter lusts after his beautiful 16-year-old daughter -- who reciprocates his feelings -- while his wife finds herself torn between her spouse and her lesbian inclinations.




This film-within-a-film spins out the events and episodes leading to the death of a skinflick star.

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Soft X flick with hippie themes.

Career Girl: Kyusho-zeme

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A woman runs a successful boutique and lives a work-centered life. She is called a career girl by those around her. She also has a sweet lover. He even proposed to her. But she doesn't want to live that way. She actually had an abominable trauma in her past. She had her mind and body toyed with by a sweaty manual laborer with no trace of education, and even though it was a past she wanted to erase, she still felt physically attracted to that man...

Lower Body Sticky with the Female Boss's Dirty Lust

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The boss and his subordinates came to a remote province on a business trip. I didn’t like the female boss, who was usually full of mistakes and was bursting with her subordinates. After all I made a mistake on this business trip, I finally spilled coffee on my boss’s clothes. I got angry all the way to my head, and when I was annoyed, a dirty passion for sex suddenly came up to the subordinate’s ignorance. They start to take off their clothes one by one…

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A man was sentenced to prison for rape. After he was released on parole he had a difficult time finding work. He tried to resist the sexual urges that put him away but his inner beast keeps resurfacing with brutal results. Then one day on his way to another interview he meets a married woman.

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Hyun-jin is always frustrated with his wife who always refuse her, saying she's tired. One day, Hyun-jin drinks with his friends, Min-seok and Jin-gi, and got a massage together per Jin-gi's suggestion. But then, he falls in love with the special service, and after that, Hyun-jin goes back to the massage parlor whenever he has time...

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A woman who lived an ordinary life as a housewife in a housing complex in the suburbs. One day, a yakuza comes to her to pay off her late mother's debt. Indeed, it was written in her mother's handwriting that her daughter would repay the debt if something were to happen. Confused, the housewife can't even tell her husband about the debt, and begins prostitution at the yakuza's command... Will she return to her normal life? The 21st work in the long-running Nikkatsu "Apartment Wife" series.

Get My Wife Pregnant

Get My Wife Pregnant(ko)


Joo Seung-gi and Yoo Ah-rin desperately have sex several times a day to have children, but they were not pregnant, so they were tested, and the result of the test was Seung-gi's infertility. After much consideration, Seung-gi asks his fiery friend Yoon-woo to have a relationship with Ah-rin, and after persistent persuasion, Ah-rin and Yoon-woo have a relationship. Afterwards, Seung-gi began to doubt the relationship between Yoon-woo and Ah-rin...

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Sex - Lady Next Door

Sex - Lady Next Door(ko)


A mysterious woman named Jung-min moves in above Sung-chul and he can't sleep every night due to the noise. She brings home a different man every night and she thinks Sung-chul is pathetic. One day, Sung-chul is having sex with his girlfrieng So-hee when he hears his new neighbor having sex upstairs. Furious, Sung-chul goes up to complain, but Jung-min is with another man and she yells at Sung-chul...