Movie: The Mortuary Collection

Top 10 Billed Cast

Clancy Brown
Clancy Brown

Montgomery Dark

Caitlin Custer
Caitlin Custer


Sarah Hay
Sarah Hay


Mike C. Nelson
Mike C. Nelson

Dr Harold Kubler

Jacob Elordi
Jacob Elordi


Barak Hardley
Barak Hardley

Wendell Owens

Christine Kilmer
Christine Kilmer


Ben Hethcoat
Ben Hethcoat

The Killer

Jennifer Irwin
Jennifer Irwin


James Bachman
James Bachman

Ralph Wilkes

Video Trailer The Mortuary Collection

Video: The Mortuary Collection - OFFICIAL TRAILER

The Mortuary Collection - OFFICIAL TRAILER

The Mortuary Collection - OFFICIAL TRAILER

The Mortuary Collection - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Original

The Mortuary Collection - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Original

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A group of friends, Manao, Fah, Dao and Krit, enter into the ancient Thai style home inherited by Dech, the purpose is to rebuild the home with the help of their talents. Manao adores reading horror novels. One night, she was requested by her friends to tell the tales she had read from her novels. After she said the fourth story about a young woman was raped to death by 3 young men and buried under the "Takien tree". A series of strange incidents happens and those are exactly the same as the incident occurring in the fourth tales. Who'll be the ones to escape the hands of this vengeful ghost?




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