Movie: Jaws: The Revenge

Top 10 Billed Cast

Lorraine Gary
Lorraine Gary

Ellen Brody

Lance Guest
Lance Guest

Michael Brody

Mario Van Peebles
Mario Van Peebles


Michael Caine
Michael Caine

Hoagie Newcombe

Karen Young
Karen Young

Carla Brody

Judith Barsi
Judith Barsi

Thea Brody

Lynn Whitfield
Lynn Whitfield


Mitchell Anderson
Mitchell Anderson

Sean Brody

Jay Mello
Jay Mello

Young Sean Brody

Cedric Scott
Cedric Scott


Video Trailer Jaws: The Revenge

Video: JAWS: THE REVENGE Trailer [1987]

JAWS: THE REVENGE Trailer [1987]

JAWS: THE REVENGE Trailer [1987]



Jaws: The Revenge | Something's Got Your Arm... | Extended Preview

Jaws: The Revenge | Something's Got Your Arm... | Extended Preview

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