Movie: The Glassworker

Top 10 Billed Cast

Art Malik
Art Malik

Tomas Oliver (English Version)

Sacha Dhawan
Sacha Dhawan

Vincent Oliver (English Version)

Anjli Mohindra
Anjli Mohindra

Alliz Amano (English Version)

Tony Jayawardena
Tony Jayawardena

Colonel Amano (English Version)

Teresa Gallaghar
Teresa Gallaghar

Young Vincent (English Version)

Mina Anwar
Mina Anwar

Nadia Amano (English Version)

Sham Ali
Sham Ali

Malik Khan (English Version)

Maya Saroya
Maya Saroya

Penni (English Version)

Nila Aalia
Nila Aalia

Principal Bhatti (English Version)

Alex Jordan
Alex Jordan

Professor Ansari (English Version)

Video Trailer The Glassworker

Video: Official English Trailer

Official English Trailer

Official English Trailer

'The Glassworker' Annecy WIP 2022 - Showreel

'The Glassworker' Annecy WIP 2022 - Showreel

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