Movie: Kurayukaba

Top 7 Billed Cast

Hakuzan Kanda
Hakuzan Kanda

Soutarou (voice)

Tomoyo Kurosawa

Tanne (voice)

Yu Serizawa

Saki (voice)

Raikou Sakamoto
Raikou Sakamoto

Inarizaka (voice)

Setsuji Sato

Command Team Leader (voice)

Sho Karino

Matsui (voice)

Nozomi Nishiyama
Nozomi Nishiyama

Tomeomi (voice)

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A worn-out, aging shearer who once rained king of the high country, gets on the gear to keep up his numbers. But when the drugs take over he must learn what it really means to be a man, before he loses so much more than his country pride -- MAN.

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Multishow ao Vivo: Vanessa da Mata is a live album and DVD from Brazilian singer Vanessa da Mata, produced by the channel Multishow. Multishow ao Vivo was recorded live at the historic town of Paraty, and brings in the repertoire songs that marked the career of da Mata.

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Blue Blitzkrieg is a study on depression. The product of this study was applied as a short film containing a fictional story about the last day of a young man who suffers from the disorder

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An undercover, government assassin meets a beautiful computer tech that is recovering from a break-up, he falls in love and trades his exotic life for domestic bliss. Three years later, on his birthday he finds out that he is the target of a multi-million dollar hit. And the hired killers have been stalking him for years, and could be anyone. Now they are on the run, their lives turned into a paranoid game, all the while trying to save act normal with his in-laws and neighbours.

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Unable to control his carnal desires, handsome and successful Mark gets caught in a dicey situation in this slick erotic thriller helmed by Mike Sedan. Juggling relationships with three beautiful women -- Cindy , Donna, and Jill -- the young lothario can't decide between them but crosses into dangerous territory when he adds more ladies to his harem.




It is one of the earliest of the gay films after Stonewall, and one that refused to see touch, affection, and sensuality only in pornographic terms. The films final scenes use footage filmed in the St. Chapel, Paris, and connect the sensual with the spiritual. The patterns of movement and the inter-cutting align the film to dance.




Max is obsessed with the idea of being a serial killer. After meticulously studying them and trying to become one, does he have what it takes to actually kill a person?

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Percy Pointer's passion in life is the theatre, and all his spare time is devoted to the play he is writing.When it's finished it arrives on the desk of a London impresario, at a time when he wants to stage a flop.




Returning wounded from the war Maksym was overcome by self-doubt, in his physiological state. He is undergoing rehabilitation. He loses contact with his wife. He is tormented by dreams. In one of his dreams Maksym goes to the island to catch a lot of fish, as the paramedic advised him. Maksym takes a boat, net, dynamite from the best man and sails to the island.

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Things don't go as expected when a disenchanted pastor wishes for a different life.

Seu Francisco - O Filme

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Max is a famous bodybuilder who dreams of becoming a planet champion; for health reasons, he is forced to retire from sports. His life is going downhill. By chance, he meets with an ambulance doctor Viktor, who once commissioned by the Ministry of Defense developed a unique medicine that allows not only to treat the worst diseases, but also to strengthen all the capabilities of the human body. However, the project was frozen. Victor wants to finish the job. He needs a test subject, and Max is perfect for completing the experiment.

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If hugs are tangible why am I hugging the void

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The story is set in the future when a new threat attacks humans just as they are expanding their presence into space. Now, an enigmatic entity from 17 years ago has been set free, and the name of the entity is Justeen.

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