Movie: The Last Men

Top 10 Billed Cast

Guido Caprino
Guido Caprino


Andrzej Chyra
Andrzej Chyra

Adjudant Janiçki

Nuno Lopes
Nuno Lopes

Caporal Lisbonne

Wim Willaert
Wim Willaert


Francesco Casisa
Francesco Casisa

Pepelucci dit "Musso"

Axel Granberger
Axel Granberger


Felix Meyer
Felix Meyer

Volmann dit "Poussin"

Yann Goven
Yann Goven

Trefeuil dit "Sorbonne"

Arnaud Churin
Arnaud Churin


Aurélien Caeyman
Aurélien Caeyman


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    March 1945. The Japanese army launches a sudden and extremely brutal assault against the French garrisons in the Far East. Thousands of civilians and soldiers were executed. Hunted by the Japanese enemy, a column of legionnaires already weakened by alcohol and disease decides to enter the jungle to try to reach China and the allied bases.

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    2.5 starts
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    Tiếng ViệtFrançais

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