Movie: The Settlers

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Camilo Arancibia
Camilo Arancibia


Heinz K. Krattiger
Heinz K. Krattiger


Mark Stanley
Mark Stanley


Alfredo Castro
Alfredo Castro


Benjamín Westfall
Benjamín Westfall


Agustín Rittano
Agustín Rittano


Juan Imbert
Juan Imbert


Mariano Monsalve
Mariano Monsalve


Mariano Llinás
Mariano Llinás


Maxmiliano Speranza
Maxmiliano Speranza

Young Man

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Official Trailer

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Official Trailer #2

Felipe Gálvez and Harry Allouche on The Settlers

Felipe Gálvez and Harry Allouche on The Settlers

Felipe Gálvez on The Settlers

Felipe Gálvez on The Settlers

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Official Clip

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Using previously unheard audiotapes recorded shortly after John Belushi’s death, director R.J. Cutler’s documentary feature examines the too-short life of the once-in-a-generation talent who captured the hearts and funny bones of devoted audiences.

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A panorama of Brazilian popular music from the 60s and 70s through the musical group Novos Baianos. A retrospective of the community lifestyle adopted by its members and the influence inherited from singer João Gilberto.

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A groundskeeper's son, who is mentally unstable due to childhood trauma, goes on a murdering spree where his perception of reality is distorted by imagining people as mannequins and vice versa.




A love story between a Basque farmer and a Peruvian immigrant.




As their loyalty begins to crumble, two unlucky prospectors and a battered dog sled try desperately to make it home under a glacial winter.

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Marcia, granddaughter of Salvador Allende, the first democratic socialist president who was overthrown by the Army in September 1973, seeks to reconstruct the personal and familiar image of her grandfather, buried by his historical person, her exile and the family pain.

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Shakib is a homeless day laborer who never got over the loss of his wife and son in an earthquake years ago. Over the last couple of years, he has developed a relationship with a deaf and mute woman, Ladan. The construction site on which he works today turns out to be the set of a film about the atrocities committed by Hitler during WWII. Against all odds, he is given a movie role, a house and a chance at being somebody. When Ladan learns about this, she comes to his workplace begging for help. Shakib’s scheme to hide her goes tragically wrong and threatens to ruin his newfound status and what seemed to be the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Years after her Indian family was forced to flee their home in Uganda, twentysomething Mina finds herself helping to run a motel in the faraway land of Mississippi. It's there that a passionate romance with the charming Black carpet cleaner Demetrius challenges the prejudices of their conservative families and exposes the rifts between the region's Indian and African American communities.

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A film adaptation writer wants to secretly write his first original screenplay about his true story of falling in love with someone who has recently become a widow.

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As a ruthless invader threatens to enslave their people and destroy the Kaaba, a sacred sanctuary, the people of Mecca take up arms. Only able to muster a small force against the massive army, defeat seems all but inevitable. Aus, a seemingly simple potter fighting to protect his family, is forced to reveal his dark past. Abraha's army is fast approaching, and the fate of Mecca and its people hangs in the balance. Will the people of Mecca defeat the colossal army with nothing but their simple defenses and their love for their city?

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John LeTour is a recovering drug user who suffers insomnia and still deals to a high-end New York clientele, even thought he’s trying to move on from the business. John’s professional midlife crisis becomes something more acute — and dangerous — when he re-encounters an old flame while a string of seemingly drug-related murders rocks the city.

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Willing to risk it all, an unscrupulous art dealer and his socially-awkward painter and longtime friend develop an extreme and ludicrous plan to save themselves.

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Étienne is barely twenty when he falls in love with Valérie. They are hardly any more when their daughter Rosa is born. And then, one day, Valérie leaves and never returns. He chooses not to make a drama of it and builds a happy life for him and his child. Sixteen years later, when Rosa is about to lead her own life, Étienne recognizes his wife in a television report. The past brutally resurfaces, and father and daughter are propelled into one last chaotic family journey.

The House Is Black

The House Is Black(fa)


Set in a leper colony in the north of Iran, The House is Black juxtaposes "ugliness," of which there is much in the world as stated in the opening scenes, with religion and gratitude.




When Rakel finds out she's six months pregnant after a one-night stand, her world changes. She is absolutely not ready to be a mother, but since abortion is no longer an option, adoption is the only answer. That's when Ninjababy, an animated character who makes Rakel's life a living hell, turns up.

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Paulette realizes she has unfairly punished her daughter Linda. To make up for it, she promises to cook her a chicken with peppers, even though she cannot cook at all. But where to find a chicken on a strike day, when all the shops are closed?

Our Ties

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Moussa has always been gentle, altruistic and present for his family. This is the opposite of his brother Ryad, a TV presenter of great notoriety who is reproached for his selfishness by his entourage. Only Moussa defends him, who has great admiration for his brother. One day Moussa falls and hits his head violently. He suffers a head injury. Unrecognizable, he now speaks without a filter and tells his relatives the truth. He ends up falling out with everyone except Ryad.

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After losing his job and realizing that he is alone in the world, a businessman opts to voluntarily end his life. Lacking courage, he hires a contract killer to do the job. Then, while awaiting his demise, he meets a woman and promptly falls in love.

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Happy and accomplished, Ellias becomes the new artistic director of a famous French Haute Couture house. When he learns that his father, whom he has not seen for many years, has just died of a heart attack, Ellias goes to Quebec to settle the estate. The young creator will discover that he has inherited much worse than his father's fragile heart.

The Velvet Queen

The Velvet Queen(fr)


High up on the Tibetan plateau. Amongst unexplored and inaccessible valleys lies one of the last sanctuaries of the wild world, where rare and undiscovered fauna lives. Vincent Munier, one of the world’s most renowned wildlife photographers takes the adventurer and novelist Sylvain Tesson (In the Forest of Siberia) with him on his latest mission. For several weeks, they’ll explore these valleys searching for unique animals and try to spot the snow leopard, one of the rarest and most difficult big cats to approach.

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A young woman struggles to defend her Sámi heritage in a world where xenophobia is on the rise, climate change is threatening reindeer herding, and young people choose suicide in the face of collective desperation.

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Miller's Girl(en)


Gothic Tennessean high school senior and writer Cairo studies literature under Jonathan Miller, an author who turned to teaching when his novels failed to take off. Being a bookworm, she’d already read his assigned reading, leaving him impressed. He takes her under his wing as his star pupil, and the two spend time together outside the school grounds, attending writing events. Cairo's lesbian best friend Winnie – amused by flirting with the school's coach to get what she wants – convinces her to use her writing to seduce the already-wed Miller. When Miller assigns her a midterm assignment earlier than everyone else, she uses his prompt to project her inner desires about him onto the page, catapulting them into a controversial situation.

Christiane F.

Christiane F.(de)


This movie portrays the drug scene in Berlin in the 70s, following tape recordings of Christiane F. 14 years old Christiane lives with her mother and little sister in a typical multi-storey apartment building in Berlin. She's fascinated by the 'Sound', a new disco with most modern equipment. Although she's legally too young, she asks a friend to take her. There she meets Detlef, who's in a clique where everybody's on drugs. Step by step she gets drawn deeper into the scene.

The Apprentice

The Apprentice(en)


Charts a young Donald Trump’s ascent to power through a Faustian deal with the influential right-wing lawyer and political fixer Roy Cohn.

Cinema Homo Paradise

Cinema Homo Paradise(ja)


Ryuji Yamamoto, an actor from over 1,000 pink and AV film, directs and plays a fictionalized version of himself that has a gay awakening at Cine Friends Nishijin in Kyoto. Many pink film actors and crew also appear as "themselves."




An actor tempts fate when he convinces a legendary, but loose-cannon, theater director out of retirement to give a masterclass at a drama school.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans(en)


Terrence McDonagh is a New Orleans Police sergeant, who recieves a medal and a promotion to lieutenant for heroism during Hurricane Katrina. Due to his heroic act, McDonagh injures his back and becomes addicted to prescription pain medication. He then finds himself involved with a drug dealer who is suspected of murdering a family of African immigrants.




A movie made by ELAM (East London Arts and Music) Trainees, Hikikomori is a short film focusing on a man secluded in his room.

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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou(en)


Renowned oceanographer Steve Zissou has sworn vengeance upon the rare shark that devoured a member of his crew. In addition to his regular team, he is joined on his boat by Ned, a man who believes Zissou to be his father, and Jane, a journalist pregnant by a married man. They travel the sea, all too often running into pirates and, perhaps more traumatically, various figures from Zissou's past, including his estranged wife, Eleanor.




A mathematical genius discovers a link between numbers and reality, and thus believes he can predict the future.

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A lone front desk attendant in an isolated motel must battle his anxiety disorder, cleaning obsession and possible motel contamination while serving quarantined guests in the middle of a deadly global pandemic.




After getting into a serious car accident, a TV director discovers an underground sub-culture of scarred, omnisexual car-crash victims, and he begins to use car accidents and the raw sexual energy they produce to try to rejuvenate his sex life with his wife.




Ming Wang is an impoverished Chinese prodigy who flees Communist China to become a pioneering eye surgeon in America. When tasked with restoring the sight of an orphan in India, who was blinded by her stepmother, Wang must confront the trauma of living through the violent uprising in his youth, the Cultural Revolution.

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Two lost souls: she a con-artist in L.A.; he a puppeteer in San Antonio have the same dream linking each with the other. He travels to L.A. to find this woman he has become obsessed with. She resists, afraid of his kooky ideas until she travels with him to San Antonio and meets his wise grandmother. Story of two disparate people linked by "fate" gets increasingly interesting as it rolls along.

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This is the crazy bet of a mother ready to do anything to help her 12-year-old son, Louis, wake up from his coma. After Louis' accident, Thelma decides to do for him the "10 things to do before the end of the world" that he had written in his diary. By listening to these adventures, Louis will see how beautiful life is and that he must come back! By fulfilling a teenager's dreams at the age of forty, Thelma will experience an incredible journey that will take her farther than she ever imagined.




Athlete Diana Nyad sets out at 60 to achieve a nearly impossible lifelong dream: to swim from Cuba to Florida across more than 100 miles of open ocean.




Kicked out by his parents, a gay teenager leaves small-town Indiana for New York's Greenwich Village, where growing discrimination against the gay community leads to riots on June 28, 1969.

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Hunter Biden lives a lifestyle of parties and corruption when he meets stripper Grace Anderson, who learns more about American politics as she gets closer and closer to the president's son.




The story of Liam, a neglected teenager who lives in a family where alcohol, violence and sex play the main role. He grows up to be a confused youngster which ends in a very aggressive act to break with his past.

Supesharu ressun: Hentai sei-kyôiku

Supesharu ressun: Hentai sei-kyôiku(ja)


Lesbian-themed tale of a schoolgirl who entices her gullible (not to mention slightly warped) female teacher by positing that they are predestined to dance together on the day the world ends.