Bohemian Rhapsody

Top 10 Billed Cast

Rami Malek
Rami Malek

Freddie Mercury

Gwilym Lee
Gwilym Lee

Brian May

Ben Hardy
Ben Hardy

Roger Taylor

Joseph Mazzello
Joseph Mazzello

John Deacon

Lucy Boynton
Lucy Boynton

Mary Austin

Aidan Gillen
Aidan Gillen

John Reid

Allen Leech
Allen Leech

Paul Prenter

Tom Hollander
Tom Hollander

Jim Beach

Mike Myers
Mike Myers

Ray Foster

Aaron McCusker
Aaron McCusker

Jim Hutton

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In Torre del Lago, by Lake Massaciuccoli, Puccini is writing "The Girl of the Golden West" when his wife Elvira accuses him of a dalliance with their maid, Doria Manfredi, a young women from town. Although the maestro is frequently unfaithful, he denies the affair; Elvira insists she's right and publicly hounds Doria. Between scenes in this domestic drama that turns tragic, we watch a Scottish company rehearse and stage "Turandot," Puccini's last opera. The film finds parallels between the two stories and suggests that in the opera, Puccini expresses love for his wife and guilt in Doria's fate. Three local gentlemen provide a spoken chorus as Puccini's score plays throughout.




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Based on a novel by Hindi writer Kamleshwar Prasad Saxena, it centers on a love triangle between two men and one woman on the margins of society. (Summary from Northwestern University's programming notes)